NMC Specialty Hospital Al Nahda

NMC Specialty Hospital Dubai Dubai

NMC Specialty Hospital Dubai è specializzato in cure dentistiche, chirurgia estetica e PMA / FIV. Fondata nel 2004, questa clinica accreditata JCI si trova a Dubai, Emirati Arabi Uniti. Vedi le recensioni dei clienti, le foto prima/dopo e chiedi i prezzi per gli interventi chirurgici all’estero. Compila il modulo per una pre-diagnosi gratuita. Risposta rapida.

NMC Specialty Hospital Al Nahda, Dubai, Emirati Arabi Uniti

NMC Specialty Hospital Dubai è un ospedale specializzato che fornisce servizi sanitari di qualità e di fiducia. L’ospedale è affiliato a tutte le principali compagnie di assicurazione nazionali e internazionali e dispone di strutture di fatturazione diretta con compagnie di assicurazione e amministratori terzi. L’ospedale dispone di un laboratorio ben attrezzato con ampie capacità investigative supportate da un sistema informatico centralizzato. L’ospedale ha collaborato con Biomnis in Francia per indagini e test rari che non sono disponibili localmente. Il reparto di radiologia dispone di apparecchiature all’avanguardia, tra cui una risonanza magnetica chiusa (1,5 tesla), uno scanner MDCT CT a doppia sorgente a 64 fette a doppia definizione Siemens, uno scanner a ultrasuoni 4-D con Doppler a colori, un densitometro osseo, una macchina per mammografia e un sistema di radiografia digitale supportato da un sistema PACS completamente integrato. La clinica generale e la farmacia interna sono aperte 24 ore su 24, tutti i giorni della settimana. I medici specialisti sono disponibili per consultazioni e trattamenti 24 ore su 24. L’ospedale offre visite a domicilio e un servizio di ambulanza. Offre inoltre servizi sanitari specializzati e personalizzati per i clienti commerciali e professionali.



Specialità dell’ospedale :

Cure dentali
Innesto osseo
Apparecchio dentale
Parafori personalizzati
Incollaggio dentale
Ponte dentale
Controllo dentale
Scanner dentale
Impianto dentale
Ricostruzione corono-radicolare
Consulenza odontoiatrica
Estrazione dentale
Ponte dentale su impianti
Protesi ibrida su impianti
Intarsi protesici / Onlay
Ortodonzia linguistica
Mini impianto dentale
Sbavatura della ferita
Trattamento di una ciste dentale
Dentista Pediatrico
Anelli dentali
Trattamento del canale radicolare
Resezione apicale
Piallatura a radice
Innesto del seno
Pulizia dentale
Sbiancamento dentale
Protesi dentaria temporanea
Trattamento dell’ascesso dentale
Estrazione dentale
Riempimento dentale
Sigillante dentale
Impiallacciatura dentale
Estrazione dei denti del giudizio
Impianto zigomatico

Chirurgia Estetica
Impianti mammari
Ricostruzione del seno
Trattamento delle cicatrici

Valutazione della fertilità
Test ormonale
FIV – Fecondazione in vitro
Consultazione FIV

Servizi +

Trasferimento dall’aeroporto
Alloggi per famiglie
Wifi gratuito
Giornali internazionali
Servizi di interpretazione
Guida turistica
Camere accessibili alle PRM
Telefono in camera
Camere private
Precauzioni alimentari
Servizi di traduzione
TV in camera

Città : Dubai – Paese : Emirati Arabi Uniti – Fondato nel 2004 
Certificazioni : JCI Accredited – Lingue Parlate : Arabo, Inglese, Francese, Tedesco, Russo 

NMC Specialty Hospital Al Nahda

Sojan Thankachen
Sojan Thankachen
07:47 11 Aug 20
One of the BEST health firm in town, experienced professionals, approach, medical management..staff.. nurses.. you will find the professionalisms in 1-umbrella.. awesome.. let god help NMC group to come out from the financial troubles which recently raised up.. NMC hospital and medical center are very Necessity for the community.. All the best for the staff and institution..
Maryna Kalout
Maryna Kalout
20:59 10 Aug 20
I like this hospital. The service is fast , the doctors that we meet are knowledgeable and nurses and the staff around is very helpful. Thank you very much for your hard work!
Bk Montemayor
Bk Montemayor
17:55 03 Aug 20
The reception staff are always friendly and accomodating. Throughout my son visit I have seen caring and helpful staff. Special thanks to Dr. Kalpana and her nurse for always taking care of my son and being so skilled on what they do.
Clay Nyamini
Clay Nyamini
13:38 11 Jul 20
I went to NMC Al Nahda Hospital for some treatment. It took more than 1hour 30 minutes to have BP checked and I waited an additional 1 hour to get doctor attention. This is the worst hospital experience I have had ever. Best I had walked into a pharmacy and get over the counter medication
Poornima Sathyakumar
Poornima Sathyakumar
18:02 08 Jul 20
Hello folks, we had gone to the hospital to take a second opinion from Dr Rajneesh Rajan, i was really impressed with the way he conducted the preliminary diagnosis and spoke to the patient in the language he was comfortable. He also gave confidence to the patient that once the treatment is completed he should feel much better. Good job thanks
Eldho Markose
Eldho Markose
08:43 02 Jul 20
My son(4yrs old) had a glass injurey in right index finger with Tenden and Vein cut ,when we went to NMC AlNadha orthopedic dept.doctor suggested to meet Plastic Surgen Dr.SANJAY SARAF ,At first visit onwards he given us confident and successfully done my son surgery,we got the best treatment here.he is so kind,generous and excellent doctor,Thank you very much doctor ,and special thanks to Mrs.JINCY for caring and supporting Thanks a lot for doctor and your team. Regards,ELDHO MARKOSE
Gunjan Jaiswar
Gunjan Jaiswar
10:39 27 Jun 20
Dr. Sanjay saraf is the best doctor I have ever met very polite and very kind supportive he treated me very nicely whenever I met him he is the superman for all there patients god bless him for everything..
shaMeem PK
shaMeem PK
09:05 27 Jun 20
Went there for a Plastic Surgery for my Kid. Quick response. Doctors and nurses were very humble, friendly and caring. Especially DR. Sanjay Saraf. He is so nice and friendly. He did a great job. My kid liked him so much so that he made a gift for him as well.
Riya Sen
Riya Sen
16:58 25 Jun 20
I went to bathe and held the shower in hand and an iron wire poked my finger. I tried to pull it out with bare hands but half of it remained deep inside my finger muscles.I Immediately visited NMC and was referred to Dr. Sanjay Sharaf (Plastic Surgeon).He is an excellent doctor. He made us comfortable and gave us the confidence that he will take care of it. He was extremely caring and handled it so smoothly. My surgery went well and recovering now.
santhosh valli
santhosh valli
12:59 21 Jun 20
In an evening on 4th of May I walked into NMC Dubai hospital with mild fever and short breath. With my symptoms the medical team admitted me in the Covid 19 isolated ward. That was the moment I have realized the real passion, integrity and commitment of the profession of the medical team in NMC Dubai. In the later days I was diagnosed Covid 19 positive with bilateral pneumonia. As a critical patient of pneumonia, I was really tensed. The treatment by a medical team of Dr Prashanth, Dr Lexy and other doctors ( I couldn’t remember the names) staff nurses was magical and it brought me into life again. The long 23 days in the hospital was a great experience. This was the best team of medical staff I have been around in a long time. I would love to have them around if I ever get sick again. The Doctor had been busy but still took the time to make me feel like I was the only patient there. Dear team You all did a thorough job, and it was apparent you all worked well together. A special thanks to the doctors for taking extra time to methodically and accurately diagnose my disease and bring back me to lifevalliyil gangadharan santhosh
Kaneal Jackson
Kaneal Jackson
11:41 15 Jun 20
The best hospital in all of Dubai. Best nurses and Doctors... they're very helpful, polite... with a friendly approach and smile... you feel right at home.. I reccomend this hospital to everyone I know... God bless them... #Best# Hospital
musa shehu
musa shehu
09:00 06 Feb 20
I was impressed by the way the hospital made arrangements to be picked up from the airport, I missed the driver but .worth the effort, also have us picked up and dropped off every other day. The doctors are professional and empathic. For years I've visited various doctors in search of a proper diagnosis, they varied, but now absolutely satisfied with the results The staff are warm and nice .No regrets what so ever
Jelly Ann Fernando Ors
Jelly Ann Fernando Ors
14:42 19 Jan 20
All the doctors, nurses and staff at NMC Hospital were wonderful and kind. Special thanks to Ms. Mai who’s always willing to give a hand and assist us. We could not have had better service and care if we had to go to any other hospital.
Amardeep Dwivedi
Amardeep Dwivedi
05:54 21 Nov 19
NMC speciality hospital is one of the best hospital in Dubai. The Hospital is well equipped with modern technology. Waiting time is not too much comparing to other specialty hospital in the region. Doctors and Nurses are very cooperative. I visited NMC in September 2019 for my Upper endoscopy and the treatment was very supportive. Some of Staff from Reception are not really treating customers well but this not a major concern for a patient. I highly recommend this Hospital for every one who has Insurance card or Enough money for treatment because this Hospital is little bit Expensive comparing to other Hospital in region.
Salissou Sahirou
Salissou Sahirou
09:47 20 Sep 19
Très bonne qualité de service dans cadre propre et chaleureux. Mr Haitham PRO et Mlle Alien Marketing sont particulièrement chaleureux et affables.
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