Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute

Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute Phuket

Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute (PPSI) è specializzato in chirurgia estetica e impianti di capelli. Fondata nel 2016, questa clinica accreditata JCI si trova a Phuket, in Thailandia. Vedi le recensioni dei clienti, le foto prima/dopo e chiedi i prezzi per gli interventi all’estero. Compila il modulo per una pre-diagnosi gratuita. Risposta rapida.

Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute, Phuket, Thailandia

Il Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute (PPSI) è una delle principali strutture di chirurgia estetica di Phuket, risultato della fusione del Phuket International Aesthetic Center (PIAC) e del Bangkok Institute of Cosmetic Surgery (BPICS). Recentemente posto sotto l’amministrazione del Bangkok Hospital Group (BDMS – il terzo gruppo ospedaliero più grande del mondo), il PPSI offre procedure di chirurgia plastica di qualità e a prezzi accessibili a migliaia di turisti medici di tutto il mondo.

L’IPPP prevede di trasferirsi nel suo nuovo edificio di sei piani a Phuket City, che gli consentirà di ospitare i pazienti nei centri commerciali e nei ristoranti circostanti e di offrire i migliori chirurghi plastici, attrezzature all’avanguardia, strutture all’avanguardia e una costante attenzione alla sicurezza dei pazienti. E tutto questo con la promessa della migliore esperienza del cliente, dalla comunicazione pre-viaggio e dalla ricezione in aeroporto, all’intervento chirurgico e al follow-up post-operatorio. Si prega di notare che il servizio di concierge del PPSI, che include tutti i trasferimenti (tra l’aeroporto, l’hotel e l’ospedale) è gratuito per coloro le cui spese superano i 100.000 THB (€2870).



Specialità della Clinica :

Chirurgia Estetica
Consulenza di chirurgia plastica
Riduzione dei capezzoli
Correzione del capezzolo
Aumento del labbro
Rimozione della protesi mammaria
Sollevamento del collo
Guance cave – Bichectomia
Sollevamento sopracciglia
Aumento del seno
Impianti mammari
Ascensore cervico-facciale
Sollevamento del seno
Alza glutei
Abbassamento della prima linea
Sollevamento brasiliano
Impianti per glutei
Sollevamento della coscia
Riduzione dello zigomo
Ricostruzione della mascella
Intervento chirurgico dopo la consegna
Sollevamento del corpo
Riassegnazione sessuale (da maschio a femmina)
Riduzione del seno
Femminilizzazione del viso

Impianto di capelli
Trapianto di capelli

Servizi +

Trasferimento dall’aeroporto
Alloggi per famiglie
Wifi gratuito
Giornali internazionali
Servizi di interpretazione
Guida turistica
Trasferimento delle cartelle cliniche
Consultazione via internet
Servizi di traduzione
TV in camera

Città : Phuket – Paese : Thailandia – Fondato nel 2016 
Certificazioni : JCI Accredited – Lingue Parlate : Arabo, Inglese, Francese

Recensioni Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute

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Kim Hamilton
Kim Hamilton
02:44 05 Jun 22
I contacted PPSI and dealt with Jason, l sent in my form and photos and was told they received the photos and that l would be contacted by a doctor.That was the last l heard from them. I sent 4 emails to Jason asking when l might be contacted but never received anything. I found this very strange, l had sent very personal photos and not to be contacted again is weird. I would be very careful sending photos as you don’t know what’s happening with them. Better to try some other hospitals.
chris wattie
chris wattie
08:06 27 Apr 22
I had a consultation with Dr Piyapas to hopefully fix my previously broken nose.I was given a quote of 250000 baht for a rhinoplasty and septoplasty before I had even had the inside of my nose looked at.After a nasal endoscopy was done, we found that my septom is fine.I asked recption what the new quote would be as I wouldn't require a septoplasty and I never heard back.Surgeon seemed very causal and offered me the highest quote* before he knew what was involved.Unprofessional and disappointing. I had waited over a week for the consultation and felt like I was brushed off.Highest quote according to research from Google and another company in Bangkok
Lisa Mann
Lisa Mann
11:13 25 Mar 22
I flew from America to have a consultation with Dr. V. The office staff is efficient and competent. I emailed with Jason before the trip and communication was a bit difficult due to the time difference, but the staff from tech to front office to nursing is wonderful. Dr V recommended a breast reduction with implants. I am 2 1/2 weeks post surgery and I am very happy. Dr. V is humble, intelligent, and incredibly talented. I would do this again.
Suz H
Suz H
07:14 05 Mar 22
Sono un cliente abituale di PPSI. Sono venuta nel 2013 per un lifting e un aumento del seno e sono tornata nel 2022 per un altro aumento del seno per aumentare le dimensioni. Non posso parlare abbastanza bene dei medici, delle infermiere e dell'ospedale in generale. Siete in ottime mani e sono stato molto ben curato. Tornerei sempre in PPSI per qualsiasi altra chirurgia plastica o procedura estetica. Il dottor Witoon ha fatto il mio primo intervento chirurgico e l'ho appena operato con il dottor Pongsakorn. Entrambi sono molto apprezzati come chirurghi in Thailandia e sono entrambi molto abili.
SuperNN Chan
SuperNN Chan
03:23 03 Feb 21
Service très médiocre.Je suis allé deux fois dans cet hôpital pour consultation. Ils m'ont juste fait attendre une heure pour rien. En fin de compte, on m'a dit que Dr était en route mais déjà en retard pour l'heure du rendez-vous.Si le docteur ne peut pas être à l'heure pour son patient avec une bonne raison. Cet appel n'est pas professionnel!C'est arrivé deux fois.Ne jamais revenir dans cet hôpital et ne le recommanderai à personne.
mark roberts
mark roberts
06:01 14 Mar 20
I had a facelift at PPSI Phuket 14 months ago.Since then I've noticed droopy jowls and I have decided to visit again for a follow up and hopefully revision. I travel next week.But correspondence with the doctor suggests he may not do anything because it may not be safe to do so. Why, after 14 months remains unclear. Additionally, I have seuters protruding through the skin and only the surgeon can realistically fix that problem. My second visit will be expensive, I will also pay for the consult and have to make my own way to the hospital from Sydney. The hospital does not provide assistance. Correspondence with the hospital, language barriers at the hospital last year and complications following surgery have left me feeling exhausted. The distance between patient and doctor is the real nightmare here and for that reason I'd seriously suggest if you're thinking of cosmetic surgery reconsider and go local.
11:22 17 Feb 20
I had breast implants done here 2 years ago with dr witoon ... best experience and best surgeon not a single problem or complaint.. I'll go back there for sure
natio jiwa ksatria
natio jiwa ksatria
10:12 22 Jul 19
Came here the first time for consultation after doing some google research. But google research won’t be enough because thai people don’t really use google and not all the people that came here did the reviews.So I’m going to tell you what to do. Book an online appointment (consultation or surgery) or make a call to the PPSI (Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute). They’ll tell you what to do, when to come, and approximation of the fees. Go here as scheduled.Though the PPSI personnel are able to speak English fluently the other staff here don’t. Go straight to 4th floor (PPSI floor) and do what you need to do here.If you don’t know how to get here in the first place, take Local Bus Line 1 from Bus Terminal 1 (Pink bus with number 1 on it) 15 TB/person and asked for Big C as destination, PPSI just next to it. If you want to leave after surgery I suggest you book a rental car. If not you can take Local Bus Line 1 again to Bus Terminal 1.
นาย วีรพงศ์ ศรีวรษา
นาย วีรพงศ์ ศรีวรษา
04:25 13 Sep 17
Weerapong Seeworasa
Weerapong Seeworasa
00:50 31 Aug 17
Cam Ward
Cam Ward
23:54 25 Jun 15
Came from Australia with a lot of people saying my wife was crazy to get plastic surgery in Thailand. It wasn't the first procedure she has had, as she has had others in Australia, but it was her best experience. They are seriously professional, Dr Narupon technical skills are amazing, she received perfect results and was treated like royalty. Phuket International hospital, like its staff are world class. If looking for the same facilities with a plastic surgeon with the same experience of Dr Narupon in Australia, it would have cost 10K more.
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